Liza Fisher Pottery

Liza Fisher

I fell in love with clay at an early age, deciding then that I wanted to live in a little house on the coast of Maine where I grew up and make pots. 
    I make simple, warm and comfortable pots to enhance the beauty found in our everyday moments - mugs for that early morning coffee by the fire, warm bowls of soup at a shared family dinner, or the dancing glow of a candle lantern on a dark winter's evening. 
    My pots are thrown on the wheel and fired for two days in a small wood kiln.  Natural ash glazes form. The long flames travel around the pots like water around stones in a river enriching the warm clay colors. The natural effects created in the wood firing compliment my creamy jewel-like glazes and loose decorative patterns, evoking images from nature like spring buds or fall leaves.  
   My studio is located in the seaside village of Prospect Harbor, alongside my husband’s wood shop and father-in-laws foundry. Collectively we are called Watering Cove Studios and share a gallery there. 

The Making of Pots
by Liza Fisher

The spin of the wheel
The touch of the clay
The making of pots
On a snowy winter’s day

A crackle of wood
And the smell of smoke
The warmth and flash of the flame
Light speckles of ash
That freckle the pot
A glossy amber drip

The warm tones of autumn
The greens of a fresh spring leaf
The stars in the sky
As I fire into the nigh

The joy, hard work and surprise
In every new firing

The mug of coffee
A cup of tea
The bowls of soup
At your family’s table
A vase of summer’s garden flowers

The sharing of food, comfort and thoughts
Surrounding a handmade pot


All of my pottery is lead-free, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Please take care to prevent against thermal shock by heating and cooling pieces gradually (place baking dishes in a cold oven allowing them time to warm up and give them time to cool before placing on cold tile or in the refrigerator etc.).