7" Ship's Bell

7" Ship's Bell


Regular price $400.00

This Ship's Bell produces a loud rich tone that will carry 1/4 - 1/2 mile. This bell is intended for use on boats, but also makes a fine door bell for larger homes. This bell can be ordered with a fixed wall bracket or with a slip bracket arm which allows the bell to be easily detached from the wall plate for stowing (see B7s Wall Plate under Hardware). Extra slip bracket wall plates can be purchased if needed.

This bell can be customized with engraving or cast raised letters. The charge for these services varies with the complexity. You may phone in the details of your order (866-963-7184) or send them by email to: rtfisher@usbells.com.

B7 Ship's Bell with Fixed wall bracket and braided lanyard, $400.

B7s Ship's Bell with Slip bracket, one wall plate with screws, and braided lanyard $450.

Fixed bracket version is shown in the video. 

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